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Wild and Stone

Refillable Corn Starch Dental Floss - Mint

Refillable Corn Starch Dental Floss - Mint

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If you are anything like us, you may have several containers of floss lurking in the bathroom cabinets… collected after every trip to the dentist where you swear to yourself you will be better at remembering to floss in the future. A bathroom cabinet is a place where it is very easy to build up a stash of plastics.. and floss is one of the worst culprits. Not only is the container made of the type of plastic that will end up in landfills taking years to biodegrade... but the actual strings of floss themselves are made of nylon. As floss is so small and light, it often avoids landfills and ends up being washed into the oceans. Unfortunately, floss is designed not to break, creating a nightmare situation when it wraps itself around marine life.
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