About Us

Hello and Welcome

Do you feel lost? No not on the internet (although maybe you are, and if so welcome) but in life. Feel like somethings missing? Like a connection is broken somewhere that you just can’t fix? Over the last few years I’ve felt increasingly like I wasn’t born for this time, I started to hate technology, I resented the cars, I couldn’t stand my reliance on computers, I wanted to throw my smart phone away. But I was also acutely aware that I have to live in the world in which I was born, and somehow I would have to marry up modern life with a more traditional and spiritual way of living.

That is what Hiraeth Cynefin is all about. The name is a contradiction. It matches a sense of loss with a sense of feel at home. It is a contradiction that is at the heart of many of us, and one I aim to help solve, so that we can feel the soil between our toes and reconnect with the world around us.

Please feel free to have a look around the site and of course check out our store! We have several wonderful products on sale including PDF planners that will help you create a better life straight away! I also recommend reading our Blog for helpful hints and tips, Bible teachings and a strong sense that not everyone is perfect, and it is OK to fail at this sometimes 🙂

Happy reading and God bless

Catriona x

Meet the Pets!

Brandy – Everyone’s favourite Springer Spaniel! Brandy likes to spend a good 90% of her day asleep and the other 10% in mild exercise (which may increase to moderate if it is particularly frosty). She loves people and is one of the most intuitive dogs I’ve ever met. If you’re having a bad day Brandy is always there for you, no matter who you are.

Lily – Blink and you’ll miss her! Lily is a tiny little ball of chaos, but is starting to pick up Brandy’s sleeping habits. Her favourite thing to do is destroy things. Her least favourite thing to do is go for a walk. Seriously. She hates walks.

Caesar – Rescue cat and floofball extraordinaire! He spends most of his time either asleep or shouting at people for food.

Juniper – Juniper is Petal’s mum and is not amused about anything. She spends most of her time asleep in various favourite spots around the house, or glaring at you in a disapproving fashion. She will tolerate your existence, but only because you provide food.

Petal – Petal is far more friendly than her mum but doesn’t have time for boring things like cuddles! There is much chewing and destruction to be done! Don’t let her out of her pen in time? She’ll just try and move it herself!

Eddie – Eddie is Brendon’s favourite guinea pig and is super friendly! He loves to have his nose stroked and will squeak at you if you deny his request!

– Moonflower is a beautiful Sheltie guinea pig. She was bought to keep Sapphira company but sadly she passed away earlier this year. We found her a friend in the gorgeous Este. It has taken time but they have slowly bonded.

Tinuviel – Our oldest pig Tinuviel has had two litters. She was the only sow from her litter (her parent’s are Jasmine & Beor) and is a friendly little thing. She lives with Mia and is incredibly tolerant of her friend’s anxious personality!


Mia – Mia, aka My Little Pony, was bought simply because I couldn’t pass on the chance of owning a guinea pig called My Little Pony! She comes from good lines and was going to be used for breeding but sadly she miscarried her first litter. She is the most nervous guinea pig I’ve ever owned and can regularly be heard shouting at Tinuviel for touching her without permission or screaming because someone is cleaning her out. We leave her in peace and try not to touch her without reason nowadays so she doesn’t get too stressed!

Belladonna – Belladonna is Eddie and Tinuviel’s daughter. Bella loves eating and sleeping in her giant pink bed!

Morwen – Morwen is a bit of a bully (don’t tell her I said that). She lives with her sister Belladonna but can be a bit mean sometimes! Thankfully they have a nice big cage so can both stay either end if Morwen is having a grump and feeling shouty!

Geralt – Geralt is the latest member of our herd. He is a gorgeous little pink Skinny pig. He is still settling in, we will get a better photo once he is more settled and ready for photography.

Este – Este is the daughter of Geralt and Belladonna. She is a lovely black and tan sow and currently lives with Moonflower where regular disputes arise as to who gets to sleep in the prized unicorn bed!

Rufus – Rufus is the son of Geralt and Belladonna. He is a big boy now and lives with Earendil whom he has bonded with. Both are very large pigs! I think Earendil taught him to eat!

Milve – Milve came to us with Angouleme and Calanthe as a rescue. She had miscarried her pups shortly before coming to us. Since she has been with us she has thrived and is now a little bit on the fat side!

Calanthe – Calanthe was our third rescue sow. She was assumed to also be pregnant but thankfully she was not. She has since thrived, even if she is the odd one out!

Blossom – Blossom was born in January 2022, her mother was a rescue who came to us heavily pregnant. She was extremely small when born but has since thrived. She is a beautiful long haired rosetted pig just like her mum.
We breed guinea pigs to maintain our own lines only, keeping almost 100% of the pups that are born here. Rufus and Este are the seventh generation of our lines.

Meet the Livestock!

Ducks – We currently have ten adult ducks and several ducklings. Not all our ducks have names but some have such cute personalities we couldn’t not name them! They provide us with a huge number of eggs.

Hilda – Hilda was named after she had a prolapse and had to go to the vets, they didn’t want her to just be duck so Hilda got her name!

Duck Duck – OK so that isn’t really a name but it has kind of stuck! Duck duck was our first duckling to hatch. He is beyond adorable. He also adopted the younger ducklings as his own little babies.